Issue 4_2008

Cover: Detail of melting glacier, Pop Ark by Noah Fischer
photo: Paul Kahn


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Charles Bernstein

Le renflouement de la poésie / Poetry Bailout generic

The first publication of the French translation of Charles Bernstein's statement on the Kulture Krisis, read in Paris at the home of Lora Berg, United States cultural attaché in France. ONLINE ONLY

Bertie Koller

Seven Songs genericgenericgeneric

Lyrics and audio recordings of two from Bertie Koller's CD Factory Seconds. ONLINE ONLY

James Koller

For Paul Kahn + Ed Dorn generic

Text and holograph of the latest news from Paris by James Koller. ONLINE ONLY

Noah Fischer

Pop Ark

Installation by Noah Fischer with Prem Makeig, Grégoire Paultre & Ronnie Bass. Photographs by Paul Kahn, Grégoire Paultre; music by Grégoire Paultre, texts by Paul Kahn and Lars Kwakkenbos.

Tuula Närhinen

Plastic Ocean

A two-part installation which asks us to think about plastic in the ocean, plus “Detritus Art and Plastic Science” by Paul Kahn with the collaboration of marine biologist Richard Thompson.

Jaanika Peerna

Particles in Motion

Recent drawings by this mutlimedia artist, plus video work.

Lindsey Adelman

Hair Drawings

Adelman has made a reputation as a designer of objects as diverse as clothing and lighting figures. Here we present a selection of her drawings made by applying human hair to paper, plus the video “hairwork”

Reuven Amitai

Under the Aegis of World Empire generic

Rashid al-Din al-Hamadani, son of a Jewish apothocary, rose to become the governor in Iraq and Iran under Mongol rule and the first historian of Humankind. In the early 14th century, he knew more about East and West than anyone in Europe or China.

Ramon Dachs
(en collaboration avec Anne-Hélène Suárez Girard, English translation Karel Clapshaw)

Envol: palimpseste generic

Thirty-two minimalist poems by this masterful Catalan poet, in French with English translation.

Paul Kahn

Explaining Pictures to a Dead Hare: Looking Back on Bob Dylan generic

In the past five year, the old and new Bob Dylan have been flooding the market: concert recordings and videos from the 1960s, a masterful memoir, an excellent television documentary, new recordings and the never-ending tours. Living through the Years of Bob Dylan starts to make sense for American Literature


Fred Buck

Book Report  generic


Christophe Lamiot Enos
(English translation: Donna Stonecipher)

Néguev 2007 genericgenericgeneric


François Angot

A l'étale 8 (extrait) generic

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